Cycle Buying Gide For Beginners

Cycle Buying Gide For Beginners

Everyone gets confused while buying any goods. There is a specific way under the particular category you might look for, so here we are helping you out in what kind of best cycle for you if you are a beginner.

Now let us first mention that there are some factors according to which you select a proper bicycle for you.


The location; for example, if you want to ride a bicycle on the road, you should consider a road bicycle or hybrid bicycle.

Suppose you are going to ride a bike on mountains or hilly surfaces. In that case, you might consider a mountain bike because it comes with various features that are not available on a road bike that might be more comfortable riding in hilly areas.


One of the factors in buying is the money you will spend on the good you are purchasing, so if you have a decent budget, you can get a geared bicycle with wider tires, which can help you write more efficiently.

If you are low on budget and have a tight pocket, you might want to consider a beginner gearless bicycle or even a geared one because now it doesn’t cost much, and there is a small price gap between these two.


One of the most important factors is what kind of work you will need it for example, if you want to ride it in the city to save up a little on the petrol budget, you might want to consider a bike or a city bike.

If you are buying it for an adventure sport, you might want to consider a mountain bike that focuses on adventure-style material palette and design.


Hero Sprint Fazer 26T

The hero is one of the biggest brands in the Indian bicycle market, and it is also famous for its study design and availability.

Hero sprint series is their speed cycle range, which comes with the 18-speed gear system.

Hero cycle comes with a semi-assembled condition assembled by the factory over 85%, and you need to create the other portion before usage.

Hero sprint comes with an attractive color finish with a dual-tone design.

The material used on the hero sprint feels sturdy and robust and won’t affect the bike even if it falls. The gears are strong and smooth while shifting and can help you quickly with a long ride.

HERO LectroClix 26T

Hero Lectro is an electric cycle by the brand hero and is one of the most affordable ones.

The design follows an elegant finish with a rigid aerodynamic blade style. It has a unibody design with a single tone finish with a lighter shade of colors.

Hero Lectro comes with a disc brake rotor and alloy wheels. The material used on the bike is sturdy and has a premium finish to them.


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