Polka Dots + Modesty

Polka Dots + Modest Swimsuits on PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

I’m officially back from summer vacation and ready for August’s weekend whirlwinds (including a very exciting upcoming event in St. Louis – so save the date for the morning of August 16th, okay?)  In the meantime: polka dots, modest swimsuits and the beach!  Lime Ricki Piped Cream Dot Swim Dress (it’s a polka dot, modest […]

Pajama Pants to Dinner

Madewell Transport Tote (and pajama pants, come on!) PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

If you read anything in this post, read this: BURBERRY SILK SCARVES and NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE (you can thank me later <smiley face>).  Also, don’t forget to enter the awesome Pilates giveaway that ends on the 28th! I met up with Meg and Sandy for a business meeting/happy hour (I apparently do not like root […]

Your Booty Like Two Planets

Teeki Pants found at Fitness Culture KC - Made from recycled plastic bottles! (via PrettyPolishedPerfect.com)

It’s the middle of July, and I’m trying to shape up my butt to look like two planets (I mean, according to Jason DeRulo and Snoop Dogg Lion? that’s the new thing right?! lol)  Seriously, what is up with that song?  I had to text one of my young and hip friends to find out […]

50 Shades of Liptstick

Wild Orchid lipstick for something fun when it's too hot for anything else!

It’s finally heating up; you know, the kind of heat that makes my curls untamable and frizzy (cue headscarves!)  Not a problem you suffer from?  Count your lucky stars.  Either way, its heating up and the thought of even wearing something as simple as a belt has me breaking out in hives.   I once read […]

Phone Etiquette While Shopping

Banana Republic Seamed Fit and Flare Dress

It’s summer, and that means I’m back to juggling work and entertaining three boys full-time.  There are days when my sons are super-helpful, and there are days when they play along with my little schemes; they even forgive me for my multi-tasking monstrosities.  Like the time I took them to a special event at Sealife/LegoLand […]

Fitness Culture (& don’t rock a farmer’s tan.)

Yoga wear from PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

First, the pants aren’t see-through.  End of story.  (See also look at that farmer’s tan!)   Photography by Sarah Sweeney of One Sparrow Creative Just kidding (but not really.)  I first stumbled upon Fitness Culture back in May, and fell in love with a completely different black and blue Karma jacket.  Maybe it looked a […]

High-Waisted Denim: Trend or Timeless


High waists are not for the faint of heart, or the large of derrierre, or the bloated either.  It also takes a certain kind of confidence.   Remember when terribly unflattering photo of Jessica Simpson was seen floating around the internets?o you think   I do, and the critics were vicious!  No she wasn’t fat, […]

Leather Shopper Tote: Trend or Timeless

Boyfriend Jeans + Madewell Transport Tote + Leopard slip-on tennis shoes = summer staple for any wardrobe, via PrettyPolishedPerfect.com

With cool temps and daily rain forecasted, I’m devoting this week to denim.  Let’s call it Denim Week.  Or Three ways to wear denim this summer.  Or……whatever you want to call it (it might also be an ode to the Madewell Transport Tote – my favorite leather shopper tote of all time!)  First up is […]

VPLs and other calamities to avoid

steve martin visible panty lines

Visible Panty Lines.  Enough said, right?  (also, I have no pictures for you, but I think Steve Martin does a great job of summing it all up no?) image via pinterest I was at a……place, where I couldn’t help but notice this teenage girl and the unsightly bunching of her bikini-brief-type underwear under her knit […]