Neutrals that still have vibrance and warmth on

The most versatile things in your closet can be elevated by the switch of a shoe. From wearing sneakers to heels and taking this outfit day to night, this is one of my favorite outfits right now. I can add a scarf or a jacket when it gets cooler, and with a push of the […]


Gold stacking bangles make a great gift for friends, and are a classic staple in any jewelry box!

First!  This post is part of an awesome collaboration (Fashionista Events) with over 100 bloggers offering amazing giveaways, so be sure to scroll down a bit for this giveaway and many more! This past summer my main staple for accessories seems to have been six classic matte gold bangles that stacked to perfection.  They were […]


bra fit featured

I have an older brother.  That sentence right there should tell you everything you need to know; he teased me relentlessly, I had a crush on every single one of his friends and he was totally embarrassed by me.  After being tortured by him for years, I realized one day that his initials are in […]

Jeans + White Tee


One of my favorite things: white shirts.  Button-downs, menswear, ruffled, basic t-shirts, you name it and I love white shirts + summer.  White shouldn’t only be for summer though – and forgot the old adage “Don’t wear white after Labor Day”, that no longer applies.  The other day, I wore these new pair of American […]

31 Styling Tips

9 ways to switch up one item from your closet on

With 31 days in October, I’m prepping to crank out 31 awesome styling flavors tips and tricks that you will love (just like the ice cream.)  Now is the perfect time to talk about versatility.  It’s what makes it so nice to take our summer clothes we love so much (and aren’t quite ready to […]


Little_Black_Dress_Cynthia_Steffe_Nordstrom_KCFW (13 of 17)feature

The Litte Black Dress (that’s worth every cent) It’s KCFW this week, and there is nothing I love more than a dresscode (the only time I’m willing to be overlook being told what to do lol!)  In other news, after seeing the pictures I’m thinking I need to let the hem out on this one……..time […]

Sell Those Clothes

Fall has arrived, how do you sell your clothes?

Fall is officially here and I’ve been battling the urge to clean out the closet (which means selling my gently-used clothes so I feel less guilty about buying yet another sweater); it’s going to be a giant under-taking, the thought alone paralyzes me (and all I want to eat something, anything, pumpkin. lol)  Today I […]

Things You Should Be Consigning


With every changing of the seasons comes closet-cleanings, wardrobe re-stockings and the inevitable shopping (even if it ends up being from your own closet.)  Now is the perfect time to assess your wardrobe (and anything in your closet.)  Anything with stains or holes can be re-purposed (mine become rags or get sewn into quilts – […]

Denim + 5 Tips


{I received an American Eagle gift card as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions expressed are my own. } 5 REALLY GOOD REASONS TO BUY DENIM ONLINE (and a quick denim outfit.) Fall is just around the walk-in closet and it’s the most wonderful time of the year: Denim, Jeans, […]