Yes, I shop at Kohls.

A lot.  I’m busy and Kohls happens to be 1.5 miles from my house.  Located right next to our favorite grocery store.  Located across the creek from my favorite craft store.  Located across the street from my favorite beauty supply store.  All conveniently located 1.5 miles away :)  Which really means I can stop in when I only have 20 minutes (and they’ve come soooo far with their selection and quality!)
Fun shoes found recently at Kohls:

I love these!  Who doesn’t love glittery, shiny goodness??  Like a Bedazzled flat sandal, lol!

I love the nude shoes that are in right now.  Do these remind anyone else of those little plastic containers of knee high panty hose, found in those large crates in the middle aisles of grocery stores?  No?  Right, I think that was an eighties thing.  But they were only $.25 and they were the same plastic containers those toys from the vending machines came in!  Didn’t that mean they were a prize of some sort? LOL!

Ruffles.  Find me a girl who can refuse a good ruffle…………

Red with studs?  Yes, please!
The End.



  1. I love the first two pair…but I don't dare walk into a Kohl's without a sale.

  2. Katherine says:

    …living in Germany, I have absolutely no idea what Kohl's is all about. ;) BUT the shoes here are GORGEOUS!!!! Especially the 3 last pairs…LOVE!!!!
    p.s. Great feet! :))))

  3. I know! My favorite is when I have an extra 30% off coupon!

  4. Thanks for the compliment! Kohls is department store that is probably comparable to JCPenneys – but it seems like they are trying to move to Macys status. Do you have either of those in Germany?

  5. They have become my favorites this summer!

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