Top 4 portable car heaters of 2020

Top 4 portable car heaters of 2020

Winter is on its peak now and all of us are just waiting to rush into their cozy, warm cars after being in the chilled atmosphere. But wait, is your car really warm? Or is it worse? Are the leather seats feeling like ice blocks? Or the windows frosted? Well, worry not we have churned out the best of the best for all kinds of needs.

Let’s just first understand the purpose of a car heater. This lightweight and portable device is used to produce warm air and disperse inside the car. They are essential in places where snow or even close to snow conditions are felt. The fact that these devices are portable makes them extra useful as they can be taken with you irrespective of the car you’re using. While major ones clip on to the cigar lighter or the AC vents in the car. Others may require a little bit of the installation process.

Features for a portable car

The things that should be kept in mind before buying a car heater are:

Functionality-Check if the device is functional or not. Also, if the device gets the task done. Each heater has a certain purpose and hence that should also be kept in mind.

Compatibility-The entire car heating process consumes a lot of power and hence it is advisable to check if the device works on the regular 12V cigar lighter present in the cars. If still, you require to use the two-prong plug consider buying a car inverter so that you can still draw power from the cigar lighter.

Price- Although the car heaters are fairly inexpensive these days yet the price should be assessed if they provide the heat and other functions if any done. If the heater doesn’t heat the car, then there’s no point in purchasing it.

Listed below is a list of the best ones in terms of usability on the market right now:

Ferryone Portable Car Heater

This device isn’t particularly for heating your car, especially the primary one. What’s best about this is that this is an excellent defroster or defogging device. It clips on to the cigar lighter and is just 12V. The only downside is that it isn’t powerful enough for heating the entire car. It is usually used as a pre-heater before you get in the car and turn up the actual heater.

This unit has two modes, fan, and heat. Depending on your requirement flip the switch and you’re good to go. It also has a 180-degree rotatable head so that you can point it up or down, however it is required. It isn’t costly either and easily available on amazon.

Gardwen 2 in 1

While heading out for a drive, warm interiors of the car only add to the comfort. Using this device, you can easily per heat your car and the interiors. Like the regular space heaters, this uses the prong plug present in the car. You can either use the cigar slot of the car or plug it in your garage. Although this device isn’t specifically made for vehicles caution should be taken that irresponsible usage may lead to some serious fire hazards and other dangerous situations.

That shouldn’t stop you from financing in one. Gardwen is relatively cheap and versatile when it comes to usability. It has dual functionality as it can be used for cooling in warmer weather and used for warming and defogging while amidst the chilled winters. It comes with a rotating handle which makes it easy to carry around and easily pivots on its stand to be kept on the dashboard.

Big Ant Heated Seat Cushion

Heated seats can be just the thing you wanted. But since not all of the cars offer this functionality, this device solves this problem. Big Ant heated seat cushion will plug quickly to your cigar port. Depending on your requirement choose one of the two modes: High or low. In about 3 minutes it’ll heat up and provide steady temperatures of 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is available only in black color but blends in easily with the car seats. Also, its non-slippery rubber sole prevents it from slipping around in your car upholstery.

Trillium Worldwide Car Cozy 2

A portable warm blanket for staying toasted during a winter drive is just the thing. Although It should be kept in mind that this blanket does not get hot, it just gets warm for obvious safety purposes. Hence it should be kept in mind that it is not suitable for harsh winter conditions. The prong plug easily fixes inside the cigar lighter and can be used to keep the driver or the shotgun warm on a chilly night. It is made from soft polyester fleece with small electric coils inside and has a seven-foot fused power cord is just long enough that the blanket can be used in either the front or back seat. The time can be set to 30 to 45 minutes depending on the requirement.

All these devices are a great way of keeping the car and its passengers warm while using the car. Although it’s important to note here that since we are dealing with heating devices they should be used carefully. One doesn’t have to purchase all of the above, just the ones that you think will be helpful. Buy one keeping the place you live in mind so that you don’t waste your money pointlessly.…