Missoni for Target: A Review

It is my humble opinion* that this collection was all hype.  Nothing else. 
The clothes were poor quality (100% polyester, come on!)  At least the scarves were 100% silk (a surprising choice because I think the shirts should have been silk as well.)  The maxi dress that was in my local store was too short.  I don’t want to buy a printed bicycle (though I did like the seat and basket.)  I also don’t want to pay $400 for a printed bicycle.  I already have a bicycle and I can think of a few that I would rather pay $400 for. The floppy hat was cute, but apparently my head isn’t as large as I thought it was (I think it’s my hair.)  I did like (and buy) the cute notebooks for $7.99. 
I bought one of the silk scarves.  I bought an infinity scarf, but I really feel like they are a dime a dozen, in every color or texture you could imagine (so why did I pay so much for this Missoni for Target one?) 
I really wanted to love those suede heels.  My favorite part of them was the wooden heel.  Oh wait.  Take a closer look at those heels.  What do they call that? Oh yes, veneer.  It may have been plastic that was supposed to look like wood.  For $40?  I love cheap shoes, but I don’t love cheap-looking cheap shoes. 
I also checked out the luggage – loved it actually.  However, I already have perfectly good luggage and am not in the market for new pieces.
Sorry Target.  Sorry Missoni.  The two of you do not go together like white on rice.  I still applaud Target for their designer collaborations!  Please don’t stop.
It’s so easy to love something from a lookbook.  Everything about that picture has been manipulated to tell us a story that will appeal to us.  Buy it, get it home, snap a picture.  It’s rarely the same:

All that hype and the above is all I bought (and not because everything else was sold out.)  Wearing the shirt and sweater, all I kept thinking was, “I wish I hadn’t paid so much for these.”  

p.s. I don’t know if you can tell by my facial expressions, but I was not excited about these photos.
p.p.s.  I hope people aren’t actually buying these items on eBay.  They aren’t worth it. 

*Please note that Missoni is less my style than say, Isaac Mizrahi.


  1. Kristen Lombardo says:

    I'm a recent viewer of your blog and have never posted here before but I was interested in your review of the Massoni line. Just looking on line….the clothing was over priced. I go to Target to buy inexpensive clothes….not pay the same price I could at say Loft. I haven't actually checked out the merchandise in person yet….but I will less inclined to do so now.

  2. Thanks for commenting! While I wasn't impressed with most of the stuff, I do feel that my opinion shouldn't keep you from checking it out (even if it's just a walk-by the next time you are in the store.) But I also agree with you. Those prices are way too steep, and the quality seems quite low. I'll be interested to hear your opinion if you ever do get to see any of it for

  3. From the few items I saw in person, I tend to agree, but I must say, I LOVE the outfit you're wearing here! And while you may have paid more than you'd like, at least you get to wear it 'first' and you didn't have to buy it off ebay, right? ;)

  4. Went on the Target website..found nothing. Went to Target store..close to nothing. Sigh. So glad to read your review. The Chief Blonde

  5. Thanks for the review!! I wasn't sure about the Missoni line at Target although it did look like they have some cute flats.

    I really like your outfit. The scarf looks great :)

  6. See, I'm a bit surprised. First of all, that outfit looks amazing on you–I mean truly amazing. The colors are gorgeous, and the fit of the top and sweater is just perfect.

    Second of all, I don't know why you'd expect full luxury/natural materials from a capsule collection. Everything Target has done in the past (Tucker, Calypso, and Alice Temperley come to mind, because

  7. Kristen Lombardo says:

    I'll check it out….this weekend when I'm there….the shoes looked really cute…but then again, I'm not sure the style is all me. Does that make sense?

  8. Thanks! That's the problem, really. It's way more than I wanted to pay. Somehow I don't really feel special about getting to wear it "first."

  9. Thanks. Target is pretty well picked over, but I bet there will be returns……you know, the high of the hype will wear off eventually, right?

  10. Thanks. I tried on the flats, but really felt very….neutral about them (aside from the fact that I prefer my flats to have a pointed toe.) My 8 yr old neice got a pair of the flats with the tights and she looks. so. adorable!

  11. I think you just won the Longest Comment Award, lol! You make some really great points and I completely agree with point two. I didn't expect luxury items, it's the overpricing of the cheap items that I can't appreciate. If it were silk, sure, I would pay more. But how can they ask me to pay $40 for a polyester shirt?? (and it could easily have been made of silk.)


  12. It makes complete sense! I'll be interested to know what you think!

  13. I totally agree and posted about the same thing today. I feel like the quality was SO poor for the price they were asking. And the major problem is when you take really busy prints like that and put them on cheap fabric… just all bad, awful things. The Tucker line was one of my favorites though.

  14. I love Missoni and I have a few pieces of their "real thing" (2 dresses and a sweater) so I was very excited about the possibility of getting Missoni at "everyday prices for everyday wear". And I was so incredibly disappointed at the quality! Really Missoni? I get it that in order to achieve Target prices some things have to go…but mass produced items should have done the

  15. I think we see "eye-to-eye" on this one. I have three classic pieces from the Isaac Mizrahi colloborations, and that's about it. It seems like everything else never fit me right (or it didn't fit me right enough to pay that price, lol!)

  16. I did like quite a bit of the home dept items as well, but really, I would have to consider some serious redecorating to be able to incorporate them into my home.

  17. There were only two items online that I liked – the pleated black maxi skirt, and the rainboots. But I didn't order them, although they were still available at the time, because I'm totally unaware of how the sizing goes. The stuff looks tiny on the models. Has anyone got any advice about the sizing? For both the skirt and boots? Thanks!!!!

  18. I wish my stores had the maxi skirt!! They did have the mini-skirts, and I would have gone with the medium. The tops, I went with small, due to the sleeve length. The shoes were true to size, though. If you are a size 9, you will want a size 9.

    For reference, at JCrew, I am a size 4 for bottoms/skirts, and a size 2 for tops. At Forever21, I am between a medium and a large for

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