G is for Green

Hi.  I don’t really have anything to say except:

Cardigan: JCrew
Shirt: JCrew
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Old Navy
Cuff: Paparazzi Jewelry

Skinny jeans really accentuate my cankles and I have no idea why my foot is so awkwardly positioned.  Cankles and awkwardness.  That’s me.  (laughing out loud and shaking my head.)

Green | Everybody, Everywear


  1. The green britches look great and I like the shoes.

  2. i adore the green pants! I have really similar ones actually haha. Mine are from Forever 21 though. I love the way you styled them though. Gives me some more ideas I guess you could say :)

  3. Love the mint jeans and oxfords. I just found you through EBEW and am already hooked!

  4. Love it all! The jacket and pants are so cute and love how you put them with those great shoes!


  5. Danielle D says:

    These jeans are absolutely darling! This whole outfit looks great together! I am new follower who is also a KC blogger. Good to meet you!

  6. Love that green skinny jeans. Fits you well and you look great on it despite the awkwardness. :)

    Cathy@On Scrub Uniforms and Fire Dress

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