Casual Friday

Often times I purchase great articles of clothing, statement jewelry and excessively large hats.  I love them.  Sometimes they love me back.  Sadly, my “job” and day to day routines aren’t really meant for beautiful couture, dripping diamonds or hats that you can’t-wear-while-driving.  I celebrate every moment that my $13 pair of sunglasses are still intact.  I weep every time my children break my designer sunglasses, usually within hours of purchasing them (it’s like a cosmic novelty, I swear!)  If I wear white, my kids will smear raspberry something on it.  Or dirt.  Or boogers.  Or anything sticky and containing some form of dye.  My wardrobe is like a cosmic chasm for these kids.  I roll around on the ground, I throw baseballs and frisbees (it’s the frisbee that’s the nail-breaker here,) I do chores.  I’m like my own Molly Maid, and I just can’t wear a Dior gown to do the dishes or vacuum in!  I also live in Kansas City.  There are probably about ten whole days when the weather is gorgeous enough to rival L.A.’s 335 days of perfect weather (that was a guesstimate, maybe its 365!)  It’s really cold – the arm candy I wear might as well have been stored in the freezer; it’s really hot – even nudity isn’t going to be comfortable! 
Why am I telling you this?  I just have this crazy urge to justify why on earth I would wear a linen sack (with pockets!):

{dress Zara shoes Old Navy necklace H&M clutch DIY}
I would actually have preferred that this sack dress be another inch longer.  The older my legs get, the more inclined I am to cover them up!  The color of the dress really is beautiful, and I am so happy to have found H&M’s knockoff of JCrews necklace – you’ll probably see it alot – I love it!  One more thing before I leave you for the weekend – those espadrilles (featured in this previous post) are striped, but I’m not a professional photographer and I have no idea how to photograph tiny stripes!  Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Are you kidding, that dress is lovely on you! Really like how you've accessorized it with those striped espadrilles and turquoise necklace. Red and blue is a lovely combo. Coincidentally, I'm wearing brights and linen today, as it's the first warm day we've had in a long while (in Oregon). Photos will be posted soon. Anyway, first time commenting here, but been following you for a

  2. Thanks for commenting! My older sister used to live in Oregon, and she absolutely despised the lack of warm weather, lol!

  3. Oh, I remember the days of being a young mother…and I gave up on trying to look stylish for many years. I am a fellow Kansas Citian and this is a great look for our humid days. I love the espadrilles.

  4. Thanks! I've been a huge fan of espadrilles since I was a young girl pouring over my older sister's JCrew catalog! Being from Kansas City, you can definitely relate to the humidity issue – it can make it feel 20 degrees hotter, lol!

  5. Love that necklace!!! The colors of it with the dress look great!

  6. Thanks! It's become my favorite necklace……and my favorite color combo this summer!

  7. I'm having the same reaction so many people have to some of my posts…that's an OLD NAVY necklace?! Love it! Looks fab with the dress!

  8. Thanks! I love the necklace so much, I try to wear it with ALL my outfits, lol!

  9. Thanks for your sweet comment! This necklace is sooo pretty, and I love it paired with the red!

  10. Thanks! I'm so bad at leaving comments – my goal is to comment all week long!

  11. Karen hummitsch says:

    I wish I could look as great as you in a sack! Love the hair!!! Your curls are marvelous!

  12. Thanks, Karen! I started wearing my curls again, per your request ;)

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