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Tips to Change Your Lifestyle for Weight Loss

“Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong or got in shape by thinking about it. They did it.”

  • Jim Wendler

Whenever people talk about how they lost dramatic amounts of weight, they always explain that they tried this crazy new diet or started working out 14 hours a day or started training like an Olympic athlete, but it can be easy to lose weight. Before I share these tips with you please remember: this is not prescribed by and medical professional or doctor and should not be used in place of medical advice. Take care of yourself and your body.

Losing weight does not always mean you only have to eat one slice of bread for two months and that’s the only way – here are some small changes that you can make to your lifestyle that can help you drop a few extra pounds quickly, without putting in too much effort:

Eat at the same time every day:

Doctors and Nutritionists all over the world vouch for the fact that if you eat at the same time every day it boosts your body’s natural metabolism – this does not mean you should eat less – eat how much ever you require to feel full at the same day. For example, breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 1 pm, snacks at 4 pm, followed by dinner at 8pm. Doing so will also reduce your cravings or urge to snack in between meals as your body will get used to getting its fix at certain times of the day.

Sleep Well:

It’s very important to take a good quality sleep in order to keep your body fat percentage in check. Many studies have found out that your sleep quality can affect the amount of fat & muscle mass that you hold on your body. So our recommendation to our readers is to keep their phone away at least one hour prior to their sleep.

Eat healthier:

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Again, this does not mean that you eat less, only that you replace what you’re already eating with healthier alternatives. For example, ditch the white bread for whole wheat or multigrain bread, ditch popcorn for carrots, or stir-fried veggies and with chocolates with some sweet fruits like oranges or mangoes.

Cut out the sugar:

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The real enemy while gaining weight is not fat, as some would have you believe, but sugar. Just read the label of any product – and you’ll discover that it contains way more sugar than is necessary. For example, a 100 ml liter of coca cola or any other sugary soda contains 10g of sugar, but coca cola starts with serving of 200ml or above – which means you’ll be consuming 20g of sugar – way more than is necessary. Stop adding sugar to your coffee or tea, and start drinking it plain. Once you get used to consuming less sugar, you’ll automatically feel averted from consuming too much sugar which in the short term will stop you from gaining weight, and in the long term, help prevent heart diseases and diabetes or digestion issues.

Learn to read the labels right:

While it is legally mandated for any food company to put all relevant nutritional information on the label or on the cover of their food products, these companies have found a loophole around this. They will mention the nutritional information, but in very tiny font underneath the box they will mention that this nutritional information is only per 100ml or 100g of serving, but the actual product comes in varying sizes. This will involve doing a little bit of math in your head, but if you calculate it right, then you will realize how much sugar of trans fats a product really contains. It’s all about reading in between the lines.

Start swimming:

Weight Loss Management - An Ayurvedic Way To Weight Loss ...

Nutritionist and dieticians all over the world highly recommend swimming. It’s a strenuous physical exercise, but it does not drain you like working out in a gym does – it can actually be quite rejuvenating. It is also the only work out that can uniformly make you work out every muscle while exercising – it works your arms out while paddling and yours legs while kicking, meanwhile it strengthens your core to keep you afloat. On the other hand, lifting weight at the gym only works your arms out and jogging or running only strengthens the muscles in your legs. Swimming will also improve your stamina and endurance and make you stronger. It will also increase your appetite while burning calories so that you don’t put on too much weight. Also, swimming regularly will tire your body out which will improve our quality of sleep – which means no more midnight snacking – which means you’ll lose weight automatically.

No more snacking:

If you eat at the same time every day and eat healthier meals that will keep you full without reducing how much you’re actually eating; you will automatically stop feeling the urge to snack in between meals during the day. But sometimes, we all get cravings – then you can do one of two things – one, eat something healthy – like fruits, for example, that will not make you gain any extra weight. Or two, drink water or juice – but by juice, we don’t mean sugary sodas or sugary fruit juices that you find in grocery stores. As per the Lean Belly Breakthrough program, all of us should make your own smoothies and juices at home by grinding up some mixed fruit. The extra fluid will keep you hydrated and have your skin feeling soft and fresh, but you won’t be putting on any extra weight. To really maximize efficiency, do not add any extra sugar while making these smoothies. These fruits already come endowed with plenty of natural sugar that isn’t harmful – instead enjoy the natural flavor of these fruits.

Drink more water:

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Drinking more water will keep you hydrated, has endless benefits from making your skin soft to helping your stomach absorb nutrients better to flushing out ay toxins in your body. Drinking water often will also keep you from indulging your cravings – a lot of us forget to drink water during the day while we’re occupied with work, so keep a water bottle handy.

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And there you go, a few simple tips that will make you change your lifestyle to lose weight without exercising too much or trying to keep up with those crazy diets!…