KCFW: Parties + Runways, Feb. 27 – March 3


It’s that time of year again!  An exhausting (in the best way possible) week full of parties, planning, people watching, photographing, oohing and ahhing and general mayhem (lol!)   Don’t forget to join me and many of my fellow KC bloggers as we style models for the KCFW Kick-off party at the Garment District Boutique […]

Zaarly: Valentine’s Specials for Kansas City


I’m excited to share this super awesome Valentine’s promotion with you all! If you live in Kansas City, San Francisco or Seattle, you are in LUCK! From now through February 13th 5:00 p.m. PST (or when sold out), Zaarly (see my post about this fun bazaar here) will have unique gifts from $1, $5 and $10 that will be […]

Social KC: Zaarly (it might be in your in city too!)


Sandy invited me to tag along with her to a new conceptual bazaar, aptly named Zaarly (rhymes with gnarly, I’m not even kidding.)  I’m really excited about this idea, people.  Excited. It’s essentially a bazaar featuring local businesses (like a storefront) – doggy business, macaron business (and other bakeries,) (amazing) woodworking business (I love woodworking […]

Algenist 10 Day Challenge (+ a TripleP Giveaway)


I’m aging, I don’t even try to keep that a secret.  My sons are constantly keeping me on my toes, and life’s constant changes seem to be accelerating the rate at which my gray hairs grow.  Aaaannnnnddd, that rhymed.  I’m always looking for whatever product can help me hide – or, if we’re really lucky, […]

Almost Famous + San Pellegrino

Who doesn’t want to be famous?  Would you settle for being almost famous?  I have religiously watched every season of Top Chef, and recently found out about another foodie competition (web series,) sponsored by San Pellegrino. Now what can I do to be a judge?  I just want to try all those dishes (and of […]

Halls KC Warehouse Sale Update


I was second in line to get through that door, so keep in mind that my experience is different from someone who showed up at 9:30……. When I left at 11am, they were letting one person in for every person that left.  And there was a line (although it was a Kansas City line, not […]

Monday Weigh-In: Wedge High-Tops (yes, I know it’s Wednesday….)


Rachel Zoe has been quoted as saying, “And the one shoe I will never wear is sneakers.”*  Ah, to have her life.  Well, not really – I do appreciate a comfortable pair of sneakers; all sweat aside, I also enjoy a good workout (but have a feeling I would hate it in heels.) But high-top […]

Halls KC: Instagram Contest + Warehouse Sale


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some of my #HallsKC favorites.  Halls is currently running an Instagram contest: Halls Kansas City Instagram Contest additional information If that wasn’t awesome enough, Halls has decided to try something new this year: Halls Kansas City Warehouse Sale Additional Information I’ve seen regular retail prices […]