Triple P FLASH Giveaway: Plum District


Plum District is currently running a deal for Two Chic Blvd, located in Kansas City; the offer is $25 for $50 worth of merchandise, PLUS you can get 20% off your Plum District order (the $25) by using the code SUMMER20 AND then you can use your $10 off code!  That’s $10 for $50 worth […]

The Sack Dress, Cuter Than A Bathrobe


This is the type of outfit I wouldn’t normally blog about.  It’s essentially a t-shirt, only long enough that I don’t have to wear pants with it.  It’s essentially a sack, a few steps up from a garbage bag (see the saggy diaper butt after a day of wearing it??)  But it’s a cute garbage […]

Are Diamonds Really A Girls Best Friend?


Diamonds take years to form, have to be polished and cut by a professional, and can last forever.  Considered one of the toughest natural gemstones, they come in different shapes, sizes and levels of perfection.  They cost a lot, but are worth it.  If you lose them, it will be upsetting, and they though are […]

Comtemporary, Retro, or Classic?


I don’t have to tell you it’s summer because, well…..I would be stating the obvious.  However, it is summer, and as much as I love to put together outfits that look better than sweatsuits, that becomes increasingly more difficult.  Mornings are spent in gym clothes at the gym, afternoons are spent in swimwear and cover-ups […]

How I Passed My Calculus Class


Have you ever met someone who never really followed the rules?  Or maybe they just made up their own? I know the challenge for Bloggers Do It Better was Coral + Mint. You might say that I have a very loose definition of “coral”.  And an equally loose definition of “mint”. Technically speaking, there are […]

Ode To Super-Man or Happy Father’s Day


I wrote an essay in High School that I aptly named My Super-Man.  It was, you guessed it, about my father.  My father was always present in my life – growing up, he joined us for breakfast, kissed my mother goodbye and slaved away all day to provide for us.  It was always his goal […]

Get Your Neon On – EBEW Edition


Let me be blunt.  I didn’t vote for neon.  I personally think neon is over (then again, I thought it was over when I was nine years old…….or it might be that I get a bit defensive because trends take awhile to trickle down to to us country folk – use your best country accent […]

Kansas City Social: Madewell Shopping Event


First – I wanted to let you know that Madewell is hosting a shopping night on Thursday, June 7th from 7-9 so you can shop the new summer styles. We’re expecting some amazing summer dresses-perfect for summer getaways or staycations!  Stop by, say hi, and have a few snacks and sips while you shop the new items. They will […]