Ikat, Ukat, Ykat, Bang.


All along I’ve been pronouncing it as “eye-cat”.  Oops.  After a little bit of googling, I’ve learned it’s pronounced “ee-kot”.  I learn something new every day (actually, I’d like to think I learn lots of new things every day…..)  Top: JCrew Belt: JCrew Pants: JCrew Shoes: Elle (via Kohls) Sometimes I don’t realize that I am wearing […]

Polka Dots, Three Ways


I found this skirt at Forever 21 and thought I just had to have it.  I wore it, styling it with a basic button-down and “mis-matching” it with a leopard print belt.  I thought I looked great.  Then I had my little sister take pictures and you know what?  I think I was in love […]

Fall Colors


I know this is in direct opposition to Monday’s post, but it’s that time of year when fall settles into the cobwebs of my subconscience.  I start dreaming of cool fall nights, bundled up in my favorite jacket or sweater, huddled around campfires.  I start wishing I had a pair of boots to go with […]

Rockies in the Summertime


The celebration was held in Ft. Collins, CO.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love the mountains?  I swear, my smile got bigger and bigger the closer I got to those Rockies!  Even the traffic couldn’t phase me!  I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and take a nice deep breath of that crisp refreshing mountain air.  […]

Summer Isn’t Over Just Yet


It’s still hot.  It’s still humid.  And my children still want to play outside.  Their faces get red, maybe bright pink if we’re lucky.  They are terribly thirsty, but once they throw back those few large gulps of water, they are off and running again.  I’m sitting there trying to enjoy the moment, hoping and […]

Day Dreamers

This week’s FBFF questions ask: Q: If you could do anything professionally, what would it be?A: How do I narrow it down?  College was a bit of a disaster – I couldn’t make up my mind which major to choose!  I started with Fashion Design, but thought that wasn’t going to be a broad enough […]

Come As You Are


After watching Project Runway’s first episode, Come As You Are, I decided I had to do a post about pj’s.  Why?  For starters, I gawked with incredulity when I saw what some of those designers were wearing to bed.  Tacky pajama pants?  Sweats?  Clowns puking rainbows??  Not only have they chosen the worst pajamas ever, […]

In An Octopus’s Garden


After receiving some rather difficult news about my momB, The Mr and I decided we needed a night out on the town.  We met up with some friends at the (free) Summer Concert Series, which was yes, featuring the Beatles’ cover band, Liverpool (can I get a woot! woot! for overusing commas in one sentence?)  […]

Linen ‘n’ Lace


I’m back.  I took a little hiatus to attend a family function.  I’m also finally getting around to posting my version of the spring/summer lace trend (I’m a procrastinator with a capital P.) I actually found this jacket at Kohls months ago, when it was still too cold to even consider a jacket that really […]