I Love You, But……


I just can’t remain faithful when others are selling the same thing for a quarter of the price.  Wait, don’t take that the wrong way.  I’m talking retail fashion here, people. Sure, it’s lesser quality, but it looks the same, performs the same function and honestly?  I will be done wearing it by the time it’s lifespan has […]

What’s In My Bag?


This post is exactly what the title implies it’s going to be: Sadly, I don’t have a magic bag.  Which is really disappointing because I could use one when I travel!  Of course, I could also do with a magical flying umbrella……oh, wait!  I have got one of those: And you can have one too!  […]

A Long, Long Time Ago


I found these outfit photos from back in the early days of this blog…..well, earlier days.  I can’t believe I forgot about them!  It was the first time I had tried styling my hair in the “Carrie Bradshaw” messy bun.  Anyway, most of the photos didn’t turn out well (anyone else have a hard time […]

Moto Chic


Again.  Truly.  But without the motorcycle.  Again. Yes, I know half my body is missing.  This photo shoot was originally full of motorcycles, helmets and a few laughs.  Sadly, the photographs themselves were full of fuzz, poor lighting, awkward moments and other bizarre things.  So, if a picture is worth a thousand words and I’ve […]

Labels, Warnings, Signs.

As a someone who writes/blogs about fashion, have you placed yourself into some sort of blogging category?  No.  This blog is so young I’m not sure I would even know what category to put it into!  Is sarcastic a category?  Humor?  Lighthearted? Typos?  Incorrect Usage of Grammar? What keeps you from or encourages you to […]


A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger – Kenzi from The Cardi Queen – suggested we do a Blogger Style Swap. We decided to do Polyvore boards (gulp, I know I’ve tried to avoid these before, but this was fun…….) Heidi from The Closet Coach asked for “more color, more accessories, more overall funkiness.” I […]

When I Say Maxi


Don’t say pad.  Am I the only one who wishes we weren’t calling them maxis?  I am? It’s hot.  Beyond hot.  I try to wear as little as possible.  I put a maxi dress on over my swimsuit the other day, took two steps and stepped back out of it.  I swear the visualization of […]

Full Disclosure


A few weeks ago (I know, this is reeeaallly late, forgive me) we attended a family wedding in Louisville, KY.  That’s right.  In cheesy fashion, on the heels of possibly the most watched wedding of the century (is anyone really capable of beating out Kate Middleton??) we just had to play with hats.  Cheap hats, […]

It’s Hot.


I am referring to the weather….. I think I wear my hair up 99% of the time when it starts to get hot.  And humid.  Which also means my hair looks the same 99% of the time. That’s right, you can always count on me to not change.  Amazingly enough the camera somehow failed to capture […]