The Five Foot Beach


That was not a typo.  We honestly have a beach about two miles from the place I call home.  It’s about five feet wide and five feet back from the waters edge.  Children play here.  I think the max. occupancy is 12.  And the water isn’t blue.  Or green.  Yes, I love that picture.  Or […]

Rainy Day Flats


I don’t know why, but I always wear stripes on rainy days.  Or is it that I just always wear stripes?  {shirt H&M pants, shoes JCrew necklace c/o G-ma’s pin}  {bracelet Target ring c/o The Mr. pouch c/o PrettyPolishedPerfect…….uh, me.} A few interesting facts about this outfit: The ring is one The Mr. bought for […]

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow


I wouldn’t normally blog about the weather, but honestly?  It’s a huge factor in life!  First, my hair has reached volumes not seen since before styling products.  Second, the rain would ruin ninety-eight percent of my wardrobe (including shoes.)  Third, I really, really, really, really hate waking my children up in the middle of the […]

Families that stick together


Take pictures…… While in D.C. my niece A accompanied us on a photo shoot (I will call her A because that is her first initial as well as the first niece.)  We had found this gorgeous dress at Zara and I insisted that Catherine buy it for her.  I love the dress, it reminds me […]

DIY Pouch


A few months ago, I came across this tutorial.  SO EASY, right?  I couldn’t wait to make one for myself.  Okay, so I made three, and have the materials to make five more (a girl can never have too many options, right? Haha!)  I know lots of bloggers have been making these, and have posted tutorials […]

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down


Just kidding.  I’m not really that kinda girl ;) The latest Bloggers Do It Better assignment: Prep School.  My take on it: {tie Chaps shirt RL pants JCrew belt Gap bracelet JCrew} {shoes George (say what?!) purse Liz Lange} That was 100% prep and I’ve got a bit of a rebellious streak: {shoes Vera Wang} […]

Jungle Fever


I would like to let the dress speak for itself: 1 word: Fluid. And a few extra photos because, hey.  I can. :) Yes, that is me, trying not to fall off the log.  I try to be gracious, but my own clumsiness overcomes me! {dress H&M jacket Zara shoes Steve Madden}

Belated Mother’s Day


Have you missed me?  I’ve missed you, my lovely readers, to whom I would be nothing without!  Last weekend, my grandmother passed away.  But don’t be sad.  She wanted her death to be a celebration of her life, with lots of laughter (I know, it sounds funny, but I’m partial to humor in leiu of […]



Minus the color.  Sort of.  I found this dress at Kohls and thought it would be perfect for “fat” days, or those days when I have exactly 30 seconds to throw something on and head out the door.  I also found these shoes at Kohls and thought I would reach outside of my comfort zone […]